Shoe Requirements



We want to make sure everyone has the correct shoes for class. Find your class below and use the picture as a referrence. All dancers need to have the correct shoes for performances. If you are unsure if you purchased the correct style shoe, please show your instructor before wearing or removing tags.

Recommended Places to Purchase Shoes

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Dance N Tees

3124 S Route 59 Ste 108, Naperville, IL, 60564 

(630) 904-4433



Dance Adventure Level Ballet Shoes

Pink Leather Ballet Slippers-

Recommended Brands 205 Capezio®'s "Daisy" or Freestyle by Danskin Girls' Ballet Slippers


Mini and Pre Level Tap Shoes

Black Leather Tap Shoes- Freestyle by Danskin Girls' Dance Shoes

Ballet Slipper Level A-D

Pink Canvas Split-Sole Slipper with the straps sewn in an "X" - "Hanami" Canvas Split Sole Ballet Slipper

Hip Hop 

A pair of black and white Converse Chuck Taylor Lowtops

Tap Shoe Tap A-D


Needs Black Leather Tap Shoes Recommended Brands Capezio Unisex Flexmaster Tap Shoe Style CG16 or Bloch Adult "TapFlex" Lace Up Tap Shoe Style S0388L

Jazz Shoes - Level A-D

All Jazz Classes Including Dance Adventure Jazz need a Split Sole, Leather, Slip on shoe in a "gore" style - Recommended Brand 981 laceless split-sole leather jazz bootie from the "Dance Now" or Capezio®'s CG05

Black for Dance Adventure, Level A and B

Tan for Level C & D 

Lyrical & Contemporay 




Dress Code 


We do have a dress code.  It is important for the instructor to be able to see the student’s body alignment.

Ballet - Solid colored Leotard and pink tights are required for all ballet classes. Female dancers need to wear a bun in their hair. 


Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Tumbling - Active wear is appropriate for all other styles. Tops need to be fitted. Leotards, Tanks, T's, and Sports bras are the most common tops. Dancers mainly wear shorts or leggings on the bottom. We prefer solid colors. Female dancers need to have hair pulled back. 


Hip-hop -  baggy clothing is appropriate as long as it is not distracting. Jeans should never be worn.


Boys have the same requirement of wearing Active wear to class and no jeans. 


Dancers do need the correct shoe for the style of dance the are taking.

Starr Dance Studio
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